About Me

I am passionate about education and empowerment.  I have been an SEN teacher, adult educator, TEFL teacher, kindergarten teacher, Steiner Waldorf teacher, workshop leader…  I have worked with people of all ages, many races and from hugely diverse walks of life.  Along the way I have learnt to see each person as a unique expression of humanity and my job has become to help them remove the rocks from their path so that they can flourish in their own individual way.

Somewhere along my journey I began to learn about hemp.  And my child did too.  Listening and forming answers to her questions, I re-heard just how crazy it is that a plant can be illegal.  I created a book to share with children that could help to educate and make changes going forwards.  I now know a LOT about cannabis.  I have taken a medicinal cannabis course from the USA, met an incredible network of people who work with hemp and I use the plant medicine myself.  I am now using my skills to assist others in their healing journeys with Green Leaf Health Coaching.

I love to draw, paint and write.  I love the multiplicitous experiences life brings.  And I love the Mother Earth we are all so lucky to be part of.  I am currently working on my second book whilst travelling, home-schooling and sharing the first.