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Free from Hemp In Avalon

I met Geraint Christopher aka Free Love Cannabis at a party in Glastonbury.  Whilst we propped up the kombucha bar he regaled me with stories of activism, prison, naked living and as his nom de plume suggests, his love of cannabis.  This meeting has developed over the last few years into a friendship that has most recently seen us travelling to Berlin together.  He has taught me a lot over the years.  I appreciate so much this man’s kindness, generosity and tireless campaigning.

Free runs a business in Glastonbury called Hemp in Avalon.  The shop sells cbd oil, hemp clothes, bags, food, tea, literature…  He calls it The Hemple and it feels like it- with pictures of Shiva and Lakshmi upon the walls (and the Hemp Fairy original artwork!)  Free is a deeply spiritual person and can sometimes be seen shaking it at the Friday night ashram kirtan.  He sees cannabis as a sacred plant that is to be revered and shared.  Sharing is something he does widely and Freely.  At many public events in Glastonbury, Free will be giving out cake and truffles that he makes with love and prayers for those that take the medicine.  I have personally seen the lives of his customers transformed by the products he sells.  Free organises Cannabis events in Glastonbury where he often shares his poetry.  Listen here is a poem called Cannabis Bigger Than Jesus:

At the trade shows and events we have visited and also through my own research, I know that he sells cbd at a very low mark-up- he remains below the VAT threshold thus not funding Babylon.  He is passionate about sharing information about the corruption of the system and the ways in which our taxes are used to fund war and greed.  But the fact that he earns money through his business has meant that he can support projects that he believes in, like the recording of an album of hemp-inspired tunes and the production of a kid’s book spreading the message that Hemp Can Save The World.  The Hemp Fairy book would not exist without Free’s inspiration and personal support.  It was Free’s inspired idea to make a book after I told him that Elkie had asked to go to The Land of Sensi after hearing a tune on a Hempathic Beings CD he gave me.

Whilst at Mary Jane Berlin Expo, I looked around the ‘Business Area,’ and saw the suited and booted kinda icky money-makers, ready to jump on the potentials of the herb.  I also met some of the most interesting, open-hearted people involved in creating a different kind of business- where profits are shared and invested in creative projects.  And I also clocked the guys who have been pushing the boundaries for YEARS- they looked like they’d be fun to hang out with.  I would love to hear some of their stories over a cannabucha.  Free has been campaigning for 22 years and running his shop for 20.  From 1997 to 2001 Free was arrested 5 times and imprisoned 3 times- Free and others like him have worked hard to get us to the place we are in today.  We can see it happening in the US- it won’t be long before cannabis is free and we’ll all be able to have a garden of plants if we choose.

For more information and to connect with Free, take a look at his website here.