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Our esteemed guest speakers!

At Autumn Equinox this year, we celebrated by putting on a little festival.  It was a beautiful co-creation by a group of amazing people.  It feels like the seed of something wonderful.  In the run-up we had meetings (the most fun meetings I’ve ever experienced), and looking around the room I could see a lot of skilled people- enough skills to create something magical.  And we did!  It was a beautiful day, and of course there was infinite room for improvement- we are already planning- and can’t wait to make more.

Pulling the threads of this hemp festival together was my biggest adventure yet.  I had been inspired by the other cannabis events I had attended but the main motivation was to get everyone I had met through the book together in one place.  Such cool people, working in all aspects of hemp.  We also attracted top quality artists, poets and musicians including the awesome Mobius Loop.

Check out the website here: to see what you missed!

There wasn’t much time for me to enjoy the event itself as I was running around attached to a walkie-talkie- but lots of people said how much they enjoyed it and made good connections.  So that’s a mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.  I think I have worked out how to make next year much more relaxing.  I caught a few excellent tracks by Seize The Day and Mankala towards the end of the evening: the sound was top quality, delivered smoothly by Vesica Productions and expertly assisted by the engineering skills of Neal Scragga Robinson.  It is wonderful to have made such a start and it’s exciting to imagine what the seeds might sprout into in the future.