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Mary Jane Cannabis Expo, Berlin

Mary Jane Berlin Poster

Last night I flew back to the UK after three days at a Cannabis Expo, meeting amazing people from around Europe, in the beautiful city of Berlin.  When I got back I discovered I could smell ganja everywhere.  Which got my interest piqued… until I realised it was me.  Hemp perfume was one of the favourite things I discovered.  I put it on to chill me out on the plane.  And to give the sniffer dogs a thrill.  There weren’t any sadly.  Or thankfully, probably thankfully…

The event took place in a huge Bauhaus building which had a majestically run-down beauty.  The kind of thing shabby chic’ers are reaching for when they beat up perfectly good furniture.  The building was a Radio Station in the time of the DDR (East German Republic). It’s now called The Funkhaus, which I just thought was a really excellent name for a venue- though apparently it’s nothing to do with funk: there are world-class recording studios and a concert hall here, but funk actually translates as radio.  One thing that was very apparent was my lack of German language.  But I now know how to say Hanf and Liebe, so that’s good.


Elkie LOVED Hemptastic lemonade!

The outdoor area of the event was beautiful.  Hammocks were slung where we could watch the trees and the boats passing on the river.  Berlin is such a green city! Within half an hour of leaving funky galleries and cafes, you can be walking in woods and swimming in beautiful water.



So I spent a couple of days in a hammock, did an interview, visited some stalls… but mainly stayed in and around the hammock.  Saturday was intense- the smoking culture in Germany feels pretty all-pervading.  I don’t hang out with smokers much so it was interesting to observe the different atmosphere that smoking brings.  On Saturday afternoon, the vibe changed as many of the crowd seemed to (as one) switch to a stoned place it was tricky to relate to.  I eat cannabis, plant or oil, and it gives a very different experience to smoking.  It reminded me again about what I want to create with Hemp Fest.  Smoking is one way to activate your Endocannabinoid receptor system but there are so many others that feels so much healthier!

sensmedia are a cannabis info company
the inside of the venue- 100s of stands!
The Hemp Museum Berlin had a great info stall, staffed by volunteers










It was on Saturday that I met Rick Simpson and his wife Danijela Smiljanic Simpson.  Rick has been instrumental in the development and promotion of cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer.  When people are dealing with a serious diagnosis, and wish to seek an alternative option, it is often his work that they begin by researching.

A highlight of the event for me was being able to thank him for his work.  Several friends of mine have used his methods and I’m super-grateful that I can still hang out with them.  There are now other oil-production tutorials available online, but he remains the most famous proponant of the medicine.  The Simpsons both loved the Hemp Fairy book as did many others.  Sunday was a much more chilled day and I was able to chat to lots of stallholders and share Elkie Trifft Die Hanf-Fee as the venue was much less packed.  I’ve found a German distributor and two online Hemp shops bought copies.  There’s so much more to share with you!  But here’s the first hempy taste.

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