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We LOVE Hanf-Zeit!

Hanf-zeit is a farm to product company who grow acres of hemp and make food, cosmetics and cbd.  They were my highlight of the Berlin expo.  Elkie and I would take a route past their stall just to see their smiling faces and hang out with the happy souls there.  In the video below, Stephan, CEO of Hanf-zeit tells a bit a bit about the history of the company and shows some of the 50,000 uses of hemp.

Hanf-zeit have an online shop where (if you understand German),you can purchase some of their beautiful cosmetics, foods, raw hemp products…  It’s worth having a look just to see what hemp products are possible:  My favourite was their Hemp Flower perfume which they made by driving 2 trucks of bud down from Steinheim in the North to Bavaria in the south of Germany where perfume is distilled in the traditional way.  It smells and feels So Good!  I can only imagine what 2 trucks of hemp bud smelled like on the road!

Another thing that Hanf-zeit do really well is support excellent musicians, most of whom have videos shot in their hemp fields.  Here are two artists called Sellassikai and Yah Meek that we really love.  Elkie and I are hoping to see everyone again at Reggae in a Hemp Field next month.  So Much Love and Appreciation to Hanf-Zeit!